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Mike Buggy

I had been researching my family, which also includes the Tinvane Dowleys, for about 5 years or so. Not just the Dowleys of course but all the others in my blood line.
I had been developing my own Dowley family tree, which i have been updating pretty much weekly as I find snippets on the web. I also have many word and pdf files and jottings on Dowleys.
I am one of Louis' (Tybroughney) and Kathy's  many grandsons, and spent much of my childhood around the hayfields and barns of Tybroughney. When I was about 12, I lived for a couple of school terms at Tybroughney and cycled daily to the junior school at Piltown.
My brother Ken and I were also frequent visitors to Tinvane as young children, usually going there by pony and trap with Grandfather Louis.
Over many years we went out with Louis in the trap.....he used to wear a tweed jacket. cavalry twill trousers, brogues, and had a cravat and pipe and carried a whip, an extremely large silk scarf, and a silk handkerchief. Every inch the squire. He used to pay the workforce from a huge roll-top desk as they filed past his study window at the castle.

My brother Ken & I have memories of our visits to Tinvane while the old generation was still around (just). All the Louis/Kathy grandchildren had many happy summers and holidays at Tybroughney. The older Buggy, Mahon & Freeman cousins (Those born 1947 - 1949) were the oldest grandchildren out of the huge brood and we all knew each other well. The younger cousins and ALL of the Robert & Rosaline brood were many years younger so we  hardly knew them as we had all left home by then.
Us older Tybroughney cousins knew all the Louis/Kathleen sons and daughters very well, up to the times of their deaths. Sadly only Dorothy & Aline are now left.
Myles Dowley (Jnr), Dermot's son, lives only 40 miles from me here on the S Coast of England. Hardly ever see him but we do speak occasionally.  I knew his dad, Uncle Dermot, very well. Interesting character, but a bit of a dark horse.....3 women in his life you will note!
Myles Dowley (Snr) was one of Dermot's Tybroughney brothers. He was a missionary priest. Huge 18 stone jovial interesting man who travelled these islands winter and summer on a tiny honda (50cc). I managed to get a wonderful obituary about him on the web. He died many years ago.
As a 'boaty' person, I have been following the ups and downs of the ex-Dowley (well actually ex-Grubb before that) Suir Cargo Barge 'Knocknagow'. She has been privately owned for many years as a river cruising vessel and is very well known because of her history and character. I have recent magazine articles on her.
When my brother and I were little we used to lie in bed in Tybroughney listening to her engine coming up the river from miles away in the early mornings.