Welcome to The Tinvane Dowleys

This site's  purpose is to share the story of the Tinvane Dowleys and allow others to continue it through their contributions. I think it is a good story – rich and fascinating in detail – a story worth sharing.

I took a personal interest in the Dowley family history when I was 17 and my father, David Dowley showed me a family tree (produced by Tony McHugh) of the Dowleys stretching back a number of  generations. Growing up in Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland, the Dowley name was a rare one. I knew of Dowlings, Downeys and Dooleys, but no other Dowleys. Seeing this tree triggered for me a curiosity about whom I am descended from, of the other Dowleys gone before me and where the existing Dowleys might be.  

Over the subsequent months and years I had some minor successes in finding out more about the Dowleys and our heritage. However as pressures for time from activities such as university, work and career took over, this hobby was put to one side. Years later my interest and energy in the family’s history was rekindled through conversations with my uncle, Mark Dowley of Palo Alto, California. I realised we had a shared passion for collecting and documenting the Dowley family history, in particular the Dowleys of Tinvane, County Tipperary.

Mark and I undertook to collect, sort and document information on the Tinvane Dowleys. This website and the accompanying family tree is the culmination of our efforts to date. It gives me great joy to share this with you. 

It is my vision that this site:

  1. Provides a place of learning, discussion and fun for all interested in the story of the Tinvane Dowleys
  2. Continues to grow through the collaboration and contribution of family members and friends
  3. Pays homage to our ancestors

I dedicate this site to all Dowleys and in particular to my father David Dowley,  b. 25th March 1929 – d. 17th Feb 2006.

Shane Dowley
Bristol, UK
November 2009